It’s A Corker by Jay Leslie, Ed Massey

(c. 1944,2003) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

The inventive genius Ed Massey invented this amazing piece of mentalism c. 1944, and this is Jay Leslie’s remake.

A plastic tube and plastic pellets. The pellets are highly polished with bright intense vivid colors! Here is what occurs: Spectator freely selects one of the colored pellets which is dropped into the plastic tube while performer’s back is turned. The tube is then corked up by spectator. The corks are firmly held in the tube and yet the performer immediately divines the exact color of the pellet.

It’s A Corker:

  • Everything examined before and after trick.
  • This is a new and original principle.
  • Pellets are exactly the same in weight. Nothing in the whole outfit looks the least bit tricky.
  • It may be performed within even a foot of spectators.
  • No guesswork or uncertainty—and dead easy to do.
  • If it’s mystery you want, this is an indefectible effect.

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