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The Yot by Puzzle Depot

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Effect: The YOT is a shiny metal disc (not a UFO!) that holds a US silver dollar sized coin or medallion. The challenge is to remove the coin without power tools.

It relies on an advanced law of physics – can you solve the YOT? Hint: The secret is in the ‘Sphinx’. The solution requires logical thought, intuition and imagination. It’s fun to test your ‘metal’ on the YOT!

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Approx. Price: $35.00 (1998) ***

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1 review for The Yot by Puzzle Depot

  1. John Power.

    Everybody got ‘YOT’!!!

    Very nice made, fooled me the first time.

    A Dollar is put inside and it’s closed. You only push the YOT a few inch from left to right with the tip of your finger over a flat surface and the spectater can say STOP at any time and try to open the YOT. You control who can and who can not open the YOT…
    Works every time! Again and again.
    No Reset and VERY easy to do.

    (You could put 3 people in a row and give only one the ‘Magic Power’…)

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