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Kineti-Key Jr by Viking Mfg.

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Effect: This is a marvelous creation from the fertile minds of James Swoger, Jay Leslie and George Robinson.

NEW LOW PRICE! Same terrific quality. A golden skeleton key (24K gold plated!) is displayed at the fingertips. The bit or tang at the end of the key is caused to move around the shaft of the key. Then the bit is slid the length of the key towards the bow or handle, where it remains and can not be budged. A truly eerie effect, superbly made. Can be minutely examined.

This effect can be carried in your pocket, ready at a moments notice. The effect is eerie and incredible. You are defying nature.

Our Kineti-Key has been pirated the world over, attesting to its great value as a performance tool. Insist on the original Kineti-Key Jr. and do not be mislead by the name “Golden Key”; do not accept the cheap imitations. Please help support original thought. Guaranteed satisfaction.

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Approx. Price: $47.50 (2001) ***

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2 reviews for Kineti-Key Jr by Viking Mfg.

  1. Richard M. Mendez

    Kinetic Key – A Classic Effect

    I recently picked this up after watching a video clip and have absolutely adored it ever since. They are made incredibly well and some versions even include soldering or welding around the teeth which immediately distracts from any built in locking gimmicks. Kinetic Key, Jr. does not have the welding and appears to be more of a spectator challenge to me but is still gorgeous nevertheless. There is one simple sleight but it is performed so slow and casual that it appears as if nothing has happened. Needless to say, I perform it very often. In fact, every opportunity that I get. I loved it so much that I have been trying to collect all available versions on the market. A beautiful classic and a real pleasure to own.

  2. Jay Leslie

    I love this effect

    This effect is so good i carry it with me all the time.
    Jay Leslie, inventer of kineti-key

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