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Split Decision Case – New JOL by Jerry O’Connell

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“A bit of history first, this effect is the brain child of Joe Riding, I have used in my own presentations for quite some time. Joe was a good friend. I loved the effect so much I designed a case to hold the entire setup. The case has a special pocket for the prediction card, and the main case is divided so the two halves do not mix into each other. The effect is included with kind permission of Joe Riding with my own handling. I think you will love it as I have.

Effect: A beautiful prediction with a surprise twist. Very easy to do, and great entertainment. Comes with a beautiful JOL Leather case to hold the entire effect. This is an elegant stunner you will carry always. A card is selected from two halves of a deck by a spectator, the chances of the two halves matching are ten thousand to one. But wait, the twists encountered make this a true classic, and pure entertainment that has proven it self time after time. With bonus instructional DVD.”

Jerry O’Connell

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1 review for Split Decision Case – New JOL by Jerry O’Connell

  1. Brett Schulman

    Split Decision

    I was able to pick this trick up a few weeks ago from Craig himself. This is a must own card trick. The gaffs are well made and the leather J.O.L. case holds everything as it should. The case was the real selling point for me. It was designed just for this effect and holds the prediction card in the back and the two half decks divided as they should be.

    The split decision effect features a triple reveal ending only after you seem to fail in matching the two cosen halfs. You have a perfect blend of comedy, sucker punch and final reveal.

    I carry this with me all the time and am ready to perform a great bit of magic at a moments notice. Re set is simple and fast. Get this right away, it is great magic and Craig is a super nice guy as well.

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