4 Jumbo Card Routines by Joe Riding

(c. 1974) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: Here is a foursome that will delight card workers who like clever entertaining material:

  • JUMBO STRETCH is an effective development of his regular card stretch. Three spot cards and a Queen are shown. The Queen, apparently, stretches a couple of inches and viewers are sure to suspect an extra card…another Queen. There is an extra card but it turns out to be another spot card. This takes a bit of learning but is not difficult and makes an effective platform trick.
  • LEFT is an effect in which two routines are provided. Two spot cards and a picture card are shown. The picture card changes to a spot card and you end up with three cards all the same. The follow-up routine enables you to produce the missing picture card as you claim it was an optical illusion. There is a strange in-and-out appearance of the picture card that, in spite of its disposal, turns up as the final card. This requires studying and proficiency with the Elmsley count but once you have mastered moves and patter you will have an effect that will puzzle magicians and laymen alike…Entertainingly.
  • THE TRICK YOU CAN SEE THROUGH is a participation trick in which spectators have cards and follow your simple moves but never end up with the same result. This may seem like old stuff, to many card workers but there is a “kicker” finish that allows everyone to see through what’s happening. Elmsley perts will find this a ‘natural’.
  • ALMOST OPPOSITE is a visual Jumbo card effect in which picture cards and spot cards change places under almost impossible conditions This is a table effect.

The detailed instructions pro vide the information and once you have the sequence firmly fixed in you mind, this routine may become your favorite.

(Sid Lorraine – The New Tops, May 1975)

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