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Three Card Four by Joe Riding, Ken Brooke, Fred Kaps

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Effect: Joe Riding’s Three Card Four. The Only Three Card Trick In The World Using Four Cards!

A true professional classic with the both Fred Kaps & Ken Brooke Routines. Commercial card tricks are still very hard to find despite the fact that card experts invent them almost daily. This effect satisfies the criteria of being a strong commercial winner with the added benefit of jumbo cards making it highly visible and entertaining. We are very excited to include a DVD of Bob Swadling’s act, which this effect is presented on that DVD. Bob is a total pro, as well as being a close personal friend to a man I greatly admire – Ken Brooke.

This uses JUMBO Bicycle cards and is visible from start to finish. This effect has been time-tested for years and years and I can assure my readers that it is also very, very commercial. Plays well in cabaret, trade shows, stand up, stage and it is great for children’s shows as well! PROFESSIONAL MAGIC AT IT’S BEST!

This trick comes complete with Jumbo Cards, Fred Kaps Routine & Ken Brooke Routine, DVD of Bob Swadling’s Act included on DVD is explanation of routine, Also copy, in writing, of both routines. Bonus: Alex Elmsley’s Four As Four Routine.

Don’t pass this one up if you are a worker. Effects like these don’t come often and have the benefit of packing small and playing big. Make a lasting impression the next time you perform in any venue, trade show, stand-up or stage…


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