Mini Card Ladder by Chance Wolf

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Three cards are chosen by different spectators and are then lost in the deck. The Card Ladder is revealed. A silk is removed and placed into the glass below. The cards are placed into the Houlette, on top of the Card Ladder, and a magical gesture is made. The cards begin to VISIBLY drop from the Houlette, cascading down the ladder, landing in the glass below and ending with the THREE CHOSEN CARDS stopped at three different rungs of the ladder! Very visual magic perfect for your office or Parlor Magic!

My friend George Guerra raved about this when it first came out in 2014 and I can see why. It is hard to really appreciate how magical it looks when the cards stop streaming down the ladder and the three chosen cards are displayed neatly spaced down the ladder. It looks amazing!

Effect: Inspired by the original P&L Card Ladder, with permission from David Haversat, current owner of the P&L rights, and special thanks to Dexter Cleveland for the Mini Sized inspiration, we have completely re-engineered the mechanics and shrunk it down to 32” tall. A perfect table top size using Mini Playing Cards for the effect.

The Card Ladder is one of the most sought after pieces as so few were ever made. It is clearly a unique piece of magic apparatus with a very magical effect.

Each unit is hand built by Chance Wolf and will never be made again! The operation is simple and reliable and the effect is a classic. A once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain a museum quality magic piece that will be the holy grail of anyone’s collection.


  • Fabricated from solid Quarter Sawn Flame Maple
  • Hand Sanded and Polished to a 3000 grit glass like finish
  • Hand Polished Solid Brass Hardware
  • Reliable solid Electronic Operation
  • Light Duty ATA Case w/ Custom Fit Foam.
  • Brass engraved Numbered ID Plate w/ Certificate of Authenticity.

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Approx. Price: $2500.00 (2015) ***

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