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Ultimate Finger Chopper by Wolf’s Magic

Another great close-up item from Wolf’s Magic.

Approx. Price: $125.00 (12/2005) ***

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3 reviews for Ultimate Finger Chopper by Wolf’s Magic

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andy Martin

    Mini Magic Marvel!

    Chance Wolf continues to keep all the mini-magic guys very, very happy with his latest creation. This finger chopper really is a beauty to behold. Very solid construction, beautiful finish, perfect mechanism, and great value.

    Chance should actually consider making a full-size one in exactly the same style as it really is a nice version of the French Arm Chopper. Of course he should only do this as long as it does not stop him making his next mini-magic item …

    Now as wonderful as this chopper is – and it truly is – I was not sure how convincing an illusion it is. With the standard sized French Arm Chopper the illusion of the hand falling off is very convincing. However, with this mini version I was not so sure. After reading the instructions some more and a quick email to speedy response Chance I have my answer.  As long as you do it quickly the illusion is perfect! Come on don’t be shy, just give it a  hard strike!  The great thing about Chance’s props is that they are designed to be handled in the real world, and this baby can certainly handle some rough handling!

    A good online video, that Chance does so well, of the effect in action would also help. In fact, there are some details in the great routine that is included that suggests the illusion is very effective.

    Either way, Chance has another winner on his hands. Keep them coming Wolf Man!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Guerra


    Well, first I must mention that I have never been a fan of the finger chopper effects. I did buy a Mafia Manicure because of the acclaims I have read over this item, but frankly, I have not been impressed and, though I still have it, it’s not part of my collection. So, when Chance came up with this effect, I bought it based solely on my overwhelming enthusiasm with this Paddlecraft sets.

    Received it today and the first impression was what a beautiful piece of handcrafted magic. Very solid construction throughout. The exotic wood touches to the handle and base give the apparatus a warm feel.
    After reading the instructions, which by the way has a very entertaining routine, I decided to try it in front of the mirror. WOW!…what a great illusion. The shape and height of the red velvet bag allowed me to do the effect at about a comfortable chest level as I looked down without any flashing.

    There are no guides for the blade as you insert it into the apparatus but saw no problems with the performance. The curvature of the handle and the matching curve at the top of the apparatus insures that the blade ends firmly positioned on striking it down. Actually I found it easier to handle the blade in and out without the strict limitations of movement that a built-in guide would do.

    Overall, I love this piece. It’s the kind of magic I love to collect and I have some very nice pieces in my collection as many will attest. I am impressed, Chance, and I look forward to ALL your mini-magic releases. They will all find a special place in my collection. One important point: I can’t believe this type of quality magic is so inexpensive. You simply can not avoid this gorgeous item, whether you are a collector or a performer.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Doug King

    A "cut" above the rest!

    Wow! This piece is a real beauty! I hate to even use it… it makes such a nice display piece. Chance is a genious! This baby is heavy-duty… and a real stunner! I’ve seen a lot of choppers… but this one is definately a "cut" above the rest!

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