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Sneeky Snake by Chance Wolf

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Similar in workings and routine as the “The Wacky Worm” but with a Classic theme of the Snake Basket yet packs flat right in your travel case! We have streamlined the structure of the prop making it even THINNER than the Original Wacky Worm!

The fun begins as the magician talks, the Sneeky Snake keeps peaking up and dropping back into the Basket every time the magician tries to catch him. Finally the Sneeky Snake decides to play along and performs some magic! The magician displays 3 flat “Balls” and has one selected from the audience. The balls are thrown into the Basket. The Sneeky Snake drops back into the Basket, peeks up a few times then finally comes up with the CHOSEN BALL IN HIS MOUTH!! The magic continues as a CARD IS FREELY SELECTED (NO FORCE), placed back in the deck and the deck is dropped into the Basket. The Sneeky Snake drops back into the Basket, peeks up a few times then finally comes up with the SIGNED CARD IN HIS MOUTH!! The Sneeky Snake drops back down then comes back up for a bow.
There are many routines possible as it is up to your imagination. The use of Alphabet cards (NOT INCLUDED) will allow many EDUCATIONAL MAGIC options as well.

The Lift Mechanism is of Chance Wolf’s own invention and will blow you away in it’s simplicity and effectiveness as you can get almost 8″ of lift with NO HAND MOTION detected! Easy to use and PACKS FLAT!

Please note that the ENTIRE SYSTEM is completely MECHANICAL as NO BATTERIES are required. The animations are operated BY HAND as you hold the Basket. The rising lever mechanism is positioned in a natural location. This effect TRULY packs flat & plays BIG!! We recommend using Alphabet Cards as they are easier for kids to recognize (not included).
Package includes: Snake Basket & 2 sets of Magnetic “Balls”
Basket measures 12″ x 12″ and 12″ x 19″ with Snake UP

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Approx. Price: $150.00 (2010) ***

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1 review for Sneeky Snake by Chance Wolf

  1. Andy Martin

    Wow! Great and Practical Snake at an Amazing Price!

    The only bad thing about Chance Wolf’s Econo-Magic line is that it makes the tricks sound cheaply made. Well they are not! Each item is made to the usual high standards Chance is well known for and I must say this latest little guy is his best yet. Very solid and the colors are deep and vibrant!

    It is hard to imagine finding an entertaining kids routine that adults will love too that is made this well, and for $150 virtually impossible! It is almost unbreakable and is a classic packs flat plays big effect!

    In addition the mechanism is 100% foolproof with no motors or batteries required.

    You’ll love this!

    Highly Recommended for Magicians everywhere!

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