Hot Line (Red Hot Wire) by Lubor Fiedler, R.A.R. Magic

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This was sold as Hot Line by Roy Roth’s  R.A.R Magic c. 1972 which is who I purchased it from. It was also sold by Supreme Magic Company, Howard Schwarzman and Tannen’s c. 1974-1977.  I don’t know about Supreme or Howie, but Tannen’s certainly did not have permission, and Roy Roth even put an ad in Abracadabra (Vol, 57, No. 1974 April 27th, 1974) complaining about it.  It was amusing to note that not only was the American dealer ripping off R.A.R.’s exclusive product (who had the rights from Lubor) but that they were charging twice as much! 

Effect: You’ve had Torn Cards, Stabbed Cards, etc., but here is the latest: SCORCHED CARD. This unbelievable effect brings gasps of amazement on every showing. Performer holds an electrical element between his bare hands J, and gives a startling demonstration of his powers of Divination.

The spectators are invited to watch – at close range – whilst the wire coil between his hands, held over a pack of cards, begins to glow brighter and brighter until it is glowing a bright redJ. Clearly, it is seen that there are no electrical connections responsible for this phenomenon. The climax of the effect is that a freely chosen card is shown to be the only one in the whole pack to have a genuine SCORCH mark across it.

Actually, there is nothing to worry about, as it is absolutely safe to handle. The well guarded secret of this fantastic piece of apparatus, plus all the necessary items, including a full pack of cards and detailed instructions can be obtained.  R.A.R Magic also sold this with their wonderfully delightful routine: Hot Cross Cards.

Some Ideas:

  • for comedy you can clip a length of electric flex onto your ear. Place a self-lighting bulb into the mouth and hold the wire between the hands. An assistant “switches you on”, light begins to flicker and goes on and the element becomes red-hot, but all is soon put in order again!
  • A novel card discovery: not only do you discover a novel card by means of electrical impulses using this wire, but the chosen card is found to have scorch marks on its face!!
  • Toast! a really funny bit; a couple of slices of bread, then magically one is toasted with the aid of the red-hot wire.
  • The drink test.
  • The sex detector
  • Using the red-hot wire to apparently light a cigarette

You’ll say it’s all most extraordinary as one would expect from the devilishly cunning brain of the man who gave us Posi-Negative, the Gozinta Boxes and other amazing ideas.

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