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Rainbow Extra by R.A.R. Magic

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Effect: An original effect by Roy Roth, Rainbow – The World’s First Color Changing Wallet. A terrific comedy routine with a patter story about a drunk who performs a magic trick for you in a hotel bar. The chosen card changes color, the wallet changes color, in the story, even the BAR SEATS change color.

Money is borrowed, signed, and remains in the wallet throughout the color changes, which occur no less than THREE times in full view. Finally the card has disappeared, to be found back in the pack, reversed. But wait for the belly laugh when the card is turned over! The effect will drive them crazy.

The patter has been written by Roy Roth who invented most of the exclusive items released by R.A.R Magic. The Rainbow wallet is made of fine leather in brilliant colors.

The magic follows a clever patter story. A card is chosen from a blue backed deck and placed into the black wallet, along with a signed, borrowed bill.

The wallet then changes to red and the selection changes to red-backed. The bill is shown to be the same signed bill. Both are put back in the wallet and the wallet now changes to GREEN and the selected card vanishes.

The deck is ribbon spread and, face down, in the face up deck is one card. It is the selection. The deck is now ribbon spread face down and all the backs have changed to a Rainbow deck.

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1 review for Rainbow Extra by R.A.R. Magic

  1. Andy Martin

    Good use for a Rainbow Deck

    This is a fun routine that logically makes sense from R.A.R magic back in the ’80s. I updated it to use Randay Wakeman’s Rainbow Deck II instead of the deck it came with. The wallet is beautiful of course as is all the leather work of Roy Roth, and has 3 color changings.

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