Hot Cross Cards by R.A.R. Magic

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Effect: A close-up comedy effect right off the beaten track. Four ESP cards are shown, one is selected and mixed with the other cards. The cards are laid face down in a row on the table. The performer explains that he needs to cover each card, then discovers he’s left his very expensive (engraved leather!) covers at home. So he hunts for an alternative and removes from a tatty paper bag five slices of bread (genuine) and covers each card.

From now on it’s laughs all the way until finally the chosen ESP design is revealed in a novel and totally unexpected manner. Take our word, this is a trick they will remember. The climax is a big surprise when the shape of the chosen symbol is found toasted into the bread. There is no doubt, here is a chance for you to be different and score with Hot Cross Cards. Comes complete with routine and all necessary apparatus.

This effect also makes perfect use of Lubor Fiedler’s Red Hot Wire and really sells the effect.

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Approx. Price: $20.00 (1980) ***

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