Gozinta Boxes by Jay Leslie, Lubor Fiedler

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The Lubor Die were invented by Lubor Fiedler c. 1966 and performed at FISM c. 1970.  It was soon pirated by many manufacturers though it was made under license by Supreme Magic Company. Popularly known as Gozinta Boxes c. 1971.  This version was built by Jay Leslie.

Effect: A red box is opened and a yellow box removed. The yellow box is closed and placed inside the red box. Seeing as both boxes are the same size, this is impossible to do yet the effect can be repeated anytime during the show. In again, out again boxes may be used as an illustrative point for Trade Shows, Schools, Psychic or other performances.

10 presentations are outlined that have patter for: • Safety • Teamwork • Reinventing • School Lunch Box • Why can’t the impossible be done? • Psychic Entertainer introduction • Problem solving • Being Creative • Recycling • Logistics AND the original patter is also included just for those that like to present this classic effect as entertainment.

When it comes to ease of operation this set can not be beat. None of the pieces presses against any other. The boxes virtually slip apart from each other. No shaking • No using fingernails • No extra holes drilled in the surface. Weighted enough that they practically slip apart when needed, all you need to do is hold the top steady and the bottom slides free. The material is initially cut very square using a CNC machine (which is almost impossible to do with a table saw). Every other aspect of construction is performed by hand to make sure they would close and open with a minim of effort. 

The effect is simplicity in motion. The performance is suitable for adults and children of all ages. Once learned you’ll be able to pick these up and perform them at a moments notice should you change the effects in your show or perform back to back shows at the same venue. The handling can be mastered in as little as 10 minutes, ready for the performance that afternoon. There is no reset, you are ready to go instantly.

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