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Bob’s Box by Bob Swadling

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Effect: This is a wonderful box and set of  routines from Bob Swadling and Mark Mason where you get to take all the credit for being a sleight of hand expert, where all along the box is doing the work for you. Great gimmicks and box you’ll love!

Includes these routines:

  • Bob’s NO MOVE routine – Bob performs and teaches every step of his NO MOVES coin box routine.
  • Coins or Cards -Mark Mason performs a killer commercial routine, you will love it.
  • Commercial Coins Thru Table- Bob’s anytime, anywhere, coins thru table.
  • What No Table – A strolling, in the hands version of Bob’s NO MOVES routine.
  • Powerpack – Bob combines his box with the Ultimate Power Pack (Not explained)
  • Plus Bonus ideas and handlings

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Includes: DVD (or similar) Instructions.

Approx. Price: $100.00 (2012) ***

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1 review for Bob’s Box by Bob Swadling

  1. Paul Gibson

    Very clever

    This is a very clever and well thought out coin routine. The secret to the effect looks and feels just right which eliminates any tricky sleight of hand.

    This is the kind of effect where you would want to act like your doing amazing coins sleights when actually, the ingenious design of Bob’s Coin Box is performing all of the heavy lifting.

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