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Blasted Jr. by Tannen’s

Another great money item from Tannen’s.

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Approx. Price: $40.00 (2004) ***

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1 review for Blasted Jr. by Tannen’s

  1. George Guerra

    Ahh..junior is still good magic

    Wow..I had reviewed elsewhere Blasted, by England’s Harry Stanley, and mentioned Blasted Jr. in the review. Well, looks like Andy found one. As I stated in my original review, this is a very visual effect that I have very fond memories of being bewildered at Hollywood Magic when the staff magician at the shop fooled me badly with it. This was many years ago and I have owned both.

    This version is not as "dramatic" as it’s bigger brother. The use of half dollar sized coins and the champagne glass really adds to the overall magical effect. If there are two strong points to this version, they are 1) the effect is more "compact" and can probably be carried in your pocket, and 2) the smaller coins probably are easier to handle, especially the "vanish" of the copper coin moments before the "penetration".

    Still, it is Blasted and one of my favorite coin effects..so, it gets 5 stars.

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