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Double Deception Deluxe by Bob Swadling, Mark Mason

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Effect: You asked for it! WE LISTENED! J B magic have taken Bob Swadling’s original, classic effect Double Deception and made it UNBREAKABLE. That’s correct! We said UNBREAKABLE. In 2010 Bob and Mark brought to you the ground-breaking, Next Generation Flipper, as a part of the Triception coin set. We have, once again, pushed the boundaries with the incredible Double Deception Deluxe. This set features a brand new design of our NEXT GENERATION FLIPPER. The first ever Locking Gravity Flipper. It has no rubber bands to break, no gluing, no repairing, no pieces to fix EVER.

If you have seen Double Deception then you already know this is THE killer, close-up or walk around magic effect. Perform this brilliant piece of magic with 100% confidence. Never worry about a rubber band breaking during your show – there aren’t any!

This coin set will never leave your pocket. Along with the unlocking magnetic system, you will receive the first Locking Gravity Flipper with the new, revolutionary, hinge system. This takes away all the trouble of ever fixing flipper coins.


  • New Locking Gravity Flipper (No Bands)
  • Magnetic Coin (Unlocking System)
  • Step-by-step DVD

DVD Features:

  • Strolling Coin Thru Silk – The perfect strolling routine, always set; perform anywhere, anytime.
  • Coin Thru Silk New Handling – The new, locking gravity flipper allows a brand new killer handling.
  • Spectator Coin Thru Silk – The effect Mark is killing with! The spectator actually performs the effect themselves!
  • Marks Bonus Handling – A brilliant combination of all three routines, it is killer
  • Caring For Your Flipper – Everything you need to know about this incredible flipper.

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Approx. Price: $99.00 (2014) ***

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