Rising Cards (Peerless) by Viking Mfg.

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From time to time Viking make a well engineered version of the Arne type of rising cards with a very small block of 12 cards thick for the gimmick.

Effect: A spectator is asked to select a playing card from a thoroughly shuffled deck. The card is returned to the deck and cards shuffled and cut by the performer. The performer holds the entire deck in one hand and asks for the name of the selected card. Without any movement on the performers part, a card begins to rise from the deck. The card rises completely to the top and proves to be the selected card! Two more cards are selected by two members of the audience. The cards are returned to the deck and this time the deck is placed within the card case. The case is swung to and fro and one of the selected cards begins to rise. Finally, the cards are placed inside a glass tumbler, completely isolated from any outside source of power, etc., yet the last card is named and this too rises from the deck!

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