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Jumbo Rising Card (New Generation) by Marcelo Contento

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This is the finest remote controlled version of Jumbo Rising Cards.

Effect: Operated with radio control, one by one all selected cards will go up, down or stop slowly at your command. The small transmitter can be hidden in your pocket and it is not necessary to hold the button down: only one touch will initiate each transmission and every card will stop automatically after the process is completed. The signal is coded which eliminates interference and makes the transmissions reliable. In case of difficulty, the Emergency Switch will allow you to operate manually.

The Jumbo Deck inside the crystal-clear acrylic box and supported by the delicate wooden stand will enhance your act if you are professional or will add a classy touch displayed at home if you are an amateur or serious collector. The detailed instructions include two outstanding routines by Billy McComb, one of them printed for the first time.

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Approx. Price: $875.00 (2008) ***

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3 reviews for Jumbo Rising Card (New Generation) by Marcelo Contento

  1. Bob Meigs

    Best of Both Worlds

    I chased the Contento Jumbo Card Rise for a couple of years as a "must have" effect in my card rise collection. But when I finally found one, it quickly became a performing favorite as well. It’s reliable, the cards are very visible, and the effect is simply magical. It is a beautiful piece and looks great in my collection, but it plays too strong to just sit on the self. Even at the current "collectors’ prices," the Contento Jumbo Card Rise is a bargain!

  2. Andy Martin

    Easily the Best Jumbo Rising Cards

    Marcelo Contento, who sadly passed away in 2012 at the young age of 57, was an electronics genius and his Jumbo Rising Cards was probably his finest moment.

    What is particularly pleasing about all of the work from the Contento’s is how well manufactured the electronics are. Steve Jobs used to make sure that the inside of Apple’s products looked as good as the outside, and this Jumbo Rising Cards is the same.

    It is silent in operation, looks amazing, comes with a great routine and will last a lifetime. These are getting much harder to find these days, so if you find one make sure you snap it up.

    Highly Recommended for Performers and lovers of Beautiful Magic.

  3. Eduardo

    Ho comprato questo effetto in Italia nel 2000, oggi siamo nel 2020 e fa parte ancora nel mio spettacolo .
    Funziona benissimo ed è molto gradito al pubblico.
    È pura magia!!!

    Google Translation:
    I bought this effect in Italy in 2000, today we are in 2020 and it is still part of my show.
    It works great and is very popular with the public.
    It’s pure magic !!!

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