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Mento-Card Box Plus by Viking Mfg., Joe Berg

(c. 1941,1975,1989) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Joe Berg created the first version of the Mento-Card Box c. 1941 from an idea by Harlan Tarbell. In fact it was originally advertised by Joe as: Tarbell’s Unique Card Box. Sometime after 1965 it became known as Mento-Card Box. In The Berg Book it is referred to as Berg’s Unique Card Box. When George Robinson of Viking Mfg obtained the rights to the Berg line c. 1975, he continued to make this amazing box and created perhaps the finest version of the what is now know as the Mento-Card Box Plus – so named after George added some extra features to the box and an additional gimmick making it a truly versatile box.

Effect: A spectator shuffles an unprepared deck of cards which is placed by him, face down in a walnut box just large enough to hold it. The box is closed and held by the spectator. The performer, standing several feet away names the uppermost card in the box. Box is opened by the spectator and the prediction verified by showing the card to all!

The performer now repeats the feat with several more cards, all predictions are 100% correct! Points to remember:

  • a genuine ungimmicked deck is used,
  • spectator shuffles the cards,
  • no physical forcing or prompting by the performer,
  • no peeks and no questions asked.

Self contained, supplied with all props including Bicycle Deck. Made in typical Viking quality, complete with several other outstanding routines.

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Approx. Price: $69.00 (2014) ***

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