The Sliding Card Frame (Jumbo) by Joe Berg

(c. 1929) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Joe Berg’s “Sucker Sliding” Card Frame. This is a similar effect to the famous Die Box, except a Jumbo card and lattice frame is used. Beautifully made, hand polished.

Effect: Performer calls attention to the frame which is shown from all sides, also a large clasp envelope is passed for examination. A Jumbo Card is selected and marked by a member of the audience. Selected card is dropped into the frame through a slot at the top ami the card is seen to slide from one compartment to the other. Both doors are now closed. “Wisenheimers” begin to bite. “The card has vanished.” says the performer, he opens one door at a time, tilting the frame to one side. “It’s on the other side.” shouts the “Know-It-All.” “OPEN THE OTHER SIDE.” “OPEN BOTH DOORS.” Performer pretends not to understand them and proceeds with the routine until the audience thinks that they have solved the mystery. Then both doors are opened and the frame shown to be perfectly empty. The vanished card is then found in the clasp envelope, bearing the original mark.

With this mechanical frame you are not. limited to one effect. The card can be shown at any time, can be vanished visible or invisible. Many sucker effects, rotor changes in full view only possible with out “Sliding Card Frame.” Made of polished mahogany. Will not warp and will last you a lifetime.

Mude in Two Sizes: Jumbo and Regular.

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