Automatic Speller by Dave Campbell

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From Peter Duffie’s wonderful book: The Dave Cambell Legacy comes this beauty:

This trick is absolutely stunning. Whether performed for a lay audience or magicians, it will positively astonish them. It’s also very easy to do! As if that wasn’t enough, most of the actions occur out of the performer’s hands.

This effect is based on a powerful combination of Gene Finnell’s, “Free Cut Principle” and Charles T. Jordan’s, “Wizard master Speller” (marketed by Jordan in 1916). The Free Cut Principle was initially created by John P. Hamilton and formed the basis for his ingenious effect called, “The Eyes of the Gods”, marketed in 1948.

Finnell later developed the idea and also gave the principle the name. It is interesting to note that T. Nelson Downs seemingly re-invented the Jordan speller some twenty-two years later, and this can be found in Greater Magic, page 311. Dave’s combination and routining make for a truly astonishing effect.

Effect: Three spectators genuinely shuffle the deck and remember a card in a manner that is entirely fair. The three selections are lost in the deck by the spectators themselves. Instantly, the performer spells to each of the selected cards!


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