Isolation by Supreme Magic Company, Martin’s Magic, Armandi

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I had this trick when I was a teenager and made up my own version a few years ago when I found a frame that would work perfectly. Credit for the original idea behind this effect must go ARMANDI of Holland. Full rights on it were purchased by The Supreme Magic Co., Ltd., from ROY BAKER.

Effect: Magician displays what he slates to be a prediction, covered by a paper or a cloth; this can be stood against table or given to someone to hold. A spectalor is asked t o assist in a demonstration of mental telepathy.

Two packs of cards are shown in their cases, a red backed pack and a blue. One of these packs is chosen. This is not the Old “Conjuror’s Force”. “Let us assume the pack of cards which you hold in your hands is the blue-backed pack”. The magician removes the cards from their case and runs through these, showing the faces all different . He turns the cards over, running through them, showing the backs to be all the same.

The spectator is asked to freely select any card … there is no sleight of hand Involved, nothing of that sort. Explain that your prediction is under the silk between two sheets of plastic and IS by manner of being a two-way one. First of all you will have correctly predicted the colour of the back of the card; secondly. you will have predicted the actual card which has been chosen!

When the silk is removed, the card sealed in the center of the sheets is seen to be a red-backed one … the first error! “Never mind” says the magician , “perhaps I’ll be lucky with the name of the card. Would you call out the name of your card . Sir.”

The spectator shouts for example , the Queen of Hearts …. when the plastic plates are turned around, it is seen that the card between them is the 6 of spades. – the magician is wrong again!

Once again he turns the frame around so that the red back of the card faces the audience. “Never mind” , says the magi , “how’s this for the world’s latest trick” … suddenly and in the twinkling of an eye and without cover of any kind, the red-backed card between the plast ic plates changes Into a blue one! That’ s the first part correct.

“Would you mind repeating the name of your card” . says the magi. “the Queen of Hearts” …. he turn s the plates to show that not only has the back changed to the correct color but the face of the card has also changed and it is now a blue-backed Queen of Hearts that is sealed in here!!

Remember that this is a 100% visual effect You do not need to cover the plates to use the transformation from one card to the other .

The use of two packs of cards instead of the original idea of having a single pack of mixed red and blue cards is more logical.

You’ll love how this works. We supply the plastic plates and the routine.

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