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The Dave Campbell Legacy by Peter Duffie

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Details: Dave Campbell was one of Scotland’s unsung magical greats and, in this newly released hardbound volume, Dave Campbell’s finest material has been made available for card enthusiasts everywhere. Many of the effects included within the book were purchased from Dave Campbell by Martin Breese and by arrangement this exclusive material has now been reproduced.

Dave Campbell’s effects carry the impact of an imaginary collaboration between Roy Walton and Ken Brooke and such is the treasure herein, you will find it very hard to decide which routines to leave out of your repertoire!

Within the pages of this beautifully printed book you’ll find such Campbell classics as IRISH POKER HAND, BINGO, THE DEFECTORS, HOUDINI ESCAPES and many, many others.


15 Chapter One 
15 Foreword by Gordon Bruce 

19 Chapter Two
19 Biography by Peter Duffie

37 Chapter Three – Tricks with Normal Playing Cards
37 Fusion 
43 Three Cards Across 
47 Dave’s Premonition 
55 Simplex Premonition
57 Leap-Frog 
63 Automatic Speller 
69 Snap
75 Enveloped 
79 Surprise Sandwich 
83 Mix ‘n’ Match 
91 Chinese Prediction 
95 Coincidental Transposition 
99 Everywhere and Nowhere
105 The Defectors
113 Swap Round Aces
121 Ricochet
127 About Turn 
133 Jokers to Aces
137 Joker Special 
141 Performing Aces 
155 Thought Anticipated

161 Chapter Four – Packet Tricks with Extra or Faked Cards
161 Transpo Dots 
171 All Change 
175 Your Card, My Card 
179 The Traveller 
183 Dave’s Dotty Spots 
191 Bingo
197 Oil and Water Classic
203 Transpo-Print 
207 Irish Poker Hand
215 Ultimate Cannibals
223 Beyond Belief 
229 Teleportation 
237 Three Blanks Routine
241 Highly Progressive Jokers
249 Highly Sensitized Cards 
257 Alcohol Monte 
265 Inauguration
271 Houdini Escapes 
279 The Grow More, Grow Less Card

291 Chapter Five – Tricks with Extra or Faked Cards (except Packet Tricks)
291 Super Transposition 
295 Stamp Duty 
299 Infallible Prediction
303 Cards to Pocket 
313 Lazy Travellers 
317 Cards through a Newspaper 
327 Reverso-matic
331 The Original ‘Fred’ Trick
337 Blank Astonishment 
341 Direct Transfer 
347 An Open Prediction 
349 Card in Wallet
355 Super Optica 
361 Magnetic Ink 
367 Gen Prediction

371 Chapter Six – Miscellaneous Tricks not using Cards
371 Inflation 
375 Ring Road
379 Observation Test 
389 Triple Surprise 
393 Silk ‘n’ Tumblers
397 A Blend of Silk ‘n’ Tumblers 
401 Substitution 

407 Chapter Seven – Card Sleights
407 Top Card Break (Single-Handed)
409 Modified Second Deal 
411 Bottom Palm to Right Hand 
413 Thumb Palm Change

419 Chapter Eight – Tributes to Dave Campbell
419 From Gavin Ross
421 From Val Le-Val 
423 From Roy Walton
425 From Andrew Galloway
427 From Bill McBrinn
429 From Dave Robertson

431 Publisher’s Note
431 Martin MacMillan, International Magic, London

  • Publisher: International Magic
  • Pages: 431
  • Location: London, England
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 2004
  • Binding: hardbound

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1 review for The Dave Campbell Legacy by Peter Duffie

  1. Ian Smith

    EAsy to follow

    The effects in this book are easy to follow and are easily fitted into anyones routines.
    They are hard hitting and will fool all laypeople and magicians alike.
    There are not to many moves that have to be practiced and any magician will be able to perofrm all the effects with minimal practice (although as always a beginner will need to practice practice practice. But this would be the same for any trick with any beginner)

    I enjoyed this book and use some of the routines all the time

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