A Comedy of Errors by R.A.R. Magic

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This is a lovely comedy card location based on ideas by William Zavis and Hank Moorehouse. You get a brown leather wallet with brass corners, 5″ x 3 3/4″, specially designed for this effect.

Effect: A card is selected, returned to the pack, the pack shuffled and the performer proceeds to attempt to find the card in a variety of ways. Finally, he produces his wallet and shows a card inside. It is not the selection. A stream of cards then fall from the wallet and hang in view. However, the performer is crestfallen to find it is none of these. In desperation, the performer opens a pocket in the wallet and removes a card. This time he is correct. “I knew it all the time,” the performer boasts, then proves it by turning around the line of cards still hanging from the wallet to disclose that each and every one is backed by a duplicate of the selection!

A fun routine (it’s much more than just a trick in the hands of a performer) suitable for stand-up shows or table hopping and highly recommended.

Text Source: Phil Willmarth (Linking Ring, May 1995)

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