Money Mirage by R.A.R. Magic

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Effect: Performer removes a fine leather wallet from his pocket and shows that it contains some red and green translucent plastic sheets, and a few sheets of blank paper. These are replaced and the wallet closed. When it is opened again it is seen that a dollar bill has been printed on one of the white papers. When it is removed, it is found that it is only a black and white copy. The performer looks puzzled, but quickly recovers when he notices that he omitted to replace the “green filter” sheet.

This is replaced together with the copy of the “Dollar”.  After a pause, the wallet is again opened and sure enough, from inside the plastic sheets he removes a perfectly printed one dollar bill! But this is not all. To show that the magical printing process is now working properly, the three remaining sheets of blank white paper are then “processed” in the same way, and duly transformed into three genuine dollar bills!

Complete with original routine by R.A. Roth plus a first class quality leather wallet and gimmicks.

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Approx. Price: $79.95 (2009) ***

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