Anything Goes by Larry Becker, R.A.R. Magic

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Anything Goes is a delightfully clean and easy to perform prediction routine.  The prolific Dutch inventor Anverdi gave  Larry Becker the pen and the lucite and shortly there after Larry invented the first mental magic effect using dry-erase ink:  which he asked Roy Roth of R.A.R. Magic to produce for him.  Anything Goes appears in Larry’s superb book: World of Super Mentalism II.

Effect: The performer produces from his pocket a leather note case. He shows that the case holds an ordinary notepad with a pen. The audience is requested to call out three objects, which the performer records on the notepad. The objects called out can be any related objects or persons, such as:

  • Numbers …
  • Colours …
  • Geometric Designs …
  • Famous Celebrities …
  • in fact anything.

The performer then shows the back of the notepad, which holds a plain white card. There the performer writes a prediction, which for the time being he does not allow the audience to see. Now someone is asked to freely select one of the three recorded items. When the notepad is turned round, there on the reverse side is the performer’s prediction which correctly states which of the three items the spectator would select.

This is a perfect mental utility device. Spectator may handle the pad and the pen freely. A perfect opening item for cabaret.

You receive:

  • a real real leather note case with pad and pen,
  • together with two routines by Larry Becker,
  • Anything Goes and Bingo Last Vegas Style,
  • plus all the apparatus you will need.

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