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Nest of Boxes by R.A.R. Magic

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I still believe these are one of the most practical nest of boxes ever produced.  Clever and simple mechanism and the right size even for formal close-up.  Expertly created by Roy Roth of R.A.R Magic.

Effect: The key feature with these boxes is that you can get the load into the innermost box, even when you are surrounded (as for cabaret situations) and the boxes can be shown on all sides as solid.

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Approx. Price: $125.00 (2007) ***

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1 review for Nest of Boxes by R.A.R. Magic

  1. Andy Martin

    Very Clever and Practical

    I have lots of nest of boxes but I rarely get to use them as they are large, require some set-up or have certain angle issues. These boxes are small enough to take with you and the mechanism is clean and very clever.

    What I particularly like is that you can show the boxes all around and even give them to someone to handle before you have made the load – so there is nothing sticking out waiting for a load. You could show the boxes, hand them to a spectator to make sure the lock is tight, then place them in a bag and in the process of placing them in a bag you could slip the load in all without anyone being the wiser.

    Although these might not be my prettiest nest of boxes, they are probably the most practical.

    Highly Recommended.

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