Quality Magic by Okito

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Details: From the Foreword: This is my first book on Magic, and it will probably be my last, because its contents are the result of my life’s work.All the sleights and tricks explained in this book have been worked by me; therefore I know they are practical. One often hears of tricks which seem to be very good theoretically, but which turn out to be anything but good when one tests them by a private rehearsal.

Contents (from book ToC):

2 Dedication
3 Foreword
5 The Bambergs: short bio of six generations of magicians

9 Sleights
9 Thimble Sleights
9 – A Vanish and Recovery of a Thimble
11 – No 2 – Another Method
13 – No 3 – Another Method
14 Coin Sleights
14 – No 1 – A Vanish
15 – No 2 – Another Method
17 – No 3 – Another Method
18 – No 4 – A Single Handed Vanish
20 Billiard Balls
20 – To Vanish a Billiard Ball
21 – Production of One Ball
23 – A New Colour Change for a Billiard Ball
25 Cards
25 – An Instantaneous Change
26 – The Triple Pass with Both Hands Simultaneously
28 – A Deceptive Change of a Card
30 Cigar Manipulation
30 -First Method
30 – Second Method
31 – Cigar Sleight

33 Card Tricks
33 Okito’s Card Mystery: a card selected from 6 in a stand is burnt, but appears in an envelope
36 The Envelope Mystery: answer to a question is found in a sealed envelope, along with a vanished silk
48 Okito’s Thought-Reading Cards: spectator selects famous magician from list of 100, and magician determines selection

49 Small Effects
49 The Hindoo Talisman: a small figure rises in the hand, no IT
50 The Lemon and the Bank Note: borrowed bill to lemon using a gimmicked knife
52 Vanishing “Cloths”: several handkerchiefs described that are used to vanish a glass

56 Coin Tricks
56 The Flying Coins: 5 coins are tossed into a covered glass, each heard to arrive, and poured out at the end
59 The Improved Coin Ladder: details on construction and presentation

64 Big Effects
64 The Sympathetic Colours: three liquid colors are mixed yet remain separate, then turn clear, no chemicals
68 The Bewitched Blocks: wooden block letters arrange themselves to spell the chosen word
68 The Japanese Glass Shades: silk vanishes from one glass shade to be found under another, then vanishes
72 The Mysterious Casket: objects vanish as they are tossed into a clear box, uses a servante
74 The Bowls of Gobi — A Chinese Fairy Story: empty bowl in the hands becomes filled with water
77 Okito’s New Handkerchief Tray: construction of a tray used to produce a vanished silk from a glass of liquid, but dry
83 The Siamese Cylinders: a vase too large for a cylinder is produced from it anyway
88 The Enchanted Rice: rice vanishes from a tumbler, and is reproduced again
93 Multum in Parvo: three boxes are shown empty, but live pigeons are produced

  • Publisher: Will Goldston Limited
  • Pages: 98
  • Location: London, England
  • Dimensions: 5″x7″
  • Date: 1921
  • Binding: hardbound

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