Okito on Magic by Theo. Bamberg

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Details: Okito is Theo. Bamberg who is from the famous Bamberg dynasty of seven generations of Magicians. The book is divided into two parts. Reminiscences contains invaluable advice on the theory and practice of magic. Part two contains selected tricks divided in to several chapters. B&W illustrations.

Illustrated by Robert Johnstone.

Contents (from book ToC): 

1 An Open Letter From Victor Farelli
3 Introduction (Dorny)
5 Foreword

11 Part One – Reminiscences

11 I The Elements of Magic

15 II The Progress of Magic
15 The Old Magic
16 Buatier de Kolta
18 The New Magic

19 III Classical Conjurers
19 Charles Bertram
20 John Nevil Maskelyn
20 Egyptian Hall
22 Carl Herrmann
22 The Bambergs
27 L’Homme Masque
28 Felicien Treway
28 Publicity

31 IV Romantic Magicians: 
31 The Birth of Okito
32 The Great Leon
33 Howard Thurston
33 T. Nelson Downs
33 Servais LeRoy
34 Horace Goldin
34 David Devant
35 Harry Kellar
37 A Useful Flirtation
38 Max Malini
41 Personal Notes
44 Prince of Wales
45 Carl Rosini

47 V The History of the Floating Ball (For Victor Farelli)

53 Part Two – Selected Tricks

55 I Sleights and Techniques
55 Okito Sleeving Technique
58 Technique for the Barehanded Production of Silks
61 Notes on the Cups and Balls
63 Slydini Transcended
67 A Third Arm
69 Vanishing Cloths
71 A Hat Loading Device
73 A Deceptive Change of a Card
74 Sleights With Cigars
76 Classical Technique for the Production of Bowls
79 Bowls of Cigarettes, Cigars and Candy
82 The Rabbit From the Spectator’s Coat

85 II Small Magic
85 The Han Ping Chien Coin Trick
90 Three Malini Tricks
90 – The Button Trick
91 – Trick With a Stripper Deck
91 – The Brick Trick
93 The Okito Coin Box
98 A Penetrative Coin
100 The Hindoo Talisman
101 The Knotted String (Illustrations by Harlan Tarbell)
104 More on the Sixth Finger
106 The Silk Elixirs (Illustrations by Harlan Tarbell)
111 III Medium-Sized Magic
111 L’Homme Masque Rising Cards
114 Transposition Extraordinary
118 Okito’s Card Mystery
120 The Bill and the Lemon
122 The New Envelope Mystery
125 The New Bewitched Blocks
128 The Sympathetic Colors
130 Okito’s Handkerchief Tray
134 The Japanese Glass Shades
137 The Nested Tubes
139 An Egg and a Canary
142 The Enchanted Rice
145 The Mysterious Casket
147 The Triangular Mystery
149 The Tea Canister Mystery
151 Linkage

155 III Large Magic
155 A Note on the Mechanical Tricks
156 The Chimerical Foulards
158 Foulard and Candle
163 The Siamese Cylinders
167 Multum in Parvo
171 Birth of the Lotus Flowers
176 Scare Mask and Dove
179 A Break-Away Casket
181 The Ubiquitous Duck
183 Where Do the Ducks Come From
187 Bowl and Ducks
190 The Inexhaustible Bowl
192 Expanding Bowl
196 The Disappearing Bowl of Water
200 The Production of Eight Glasses of Liquid

203 IV Magic With Living People
203 From Shadow to Life
208 Ming Toy
210 Hi-Strung (With Fu Manchu)
213 The Mandarin’s Dream

217 V Additional Okito Originals
218 Impossible Lit Cigarette Vanish
221 The Caliph’s Dream
225 Okito’s Ringer
229 The Impossible Escape
232 Thru the Needle’s Eye
234 Oho!
238 Oho Extra!

  • Publisher: Edward O. Drane
  • Pages: 216
  • Location: Chicago, IL, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1952
  • Binding: hardbound

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