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Psychic Card Box by Collectors’ Workshop O’Connell Plus Wallet (Early Original) by Jerry O’Connell Floating Mummy by Herbert Martin Paufler See-Thru Geneva Prediction Watch by Collector’s Workshop, Joe Silkie Lassen Special Set by Todd Lassen Beswitched by Arlen Studio Copenetro (Viking) by Viking Mfg. Lassen Companion TT Set by Todd Lassen Silver Odyssey by Collectors’ Workshop Missing Scarab, The by Thomas Pohle Pentra by Alan Warner Emperor Ring Cabinet by Magic Wagon Larry Wilfong Pocket PomPom by Mikame Craft Streamline Art Deco Steel Ball Through Glass by Dave Powell Tai Chi Sword by Rip Vanwinkle Half Dollar 7 H by Unknown Tea with Buddha by Arlen Studio