Tri-Slicer by Magic Wagon

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This is similar to the effect Magic Wagon put out in 2009 called Ultimate Zig-Zag Card but uses a very different method.

Effect: It’s not a Miracle Separation by Tricks Co., it’s not a Sidetrack by Tenyo but it’s also a great mini-illusion!

A playing card is shown, signed by the spectator and placed into a small wooden stand. The cover is then placed on the sliding window at the base of the stand and moved up to the center of the card. Now, a magic “blade” is introduced and the card is cut into thirds. The cover is removed and the middle section of the card is visibly pulled out to one side, proving the card was really cut. All is then reversed and the card is seen to be fully restored!

  • The card can be signed and the signature remains in full view at all the time!
  • There are no angle restrictions – The stand can be shown on both sides at any time during the performance!
  • The mechanism was cleverly designed that the effect is absolutely self-working and at the end, everything can be handed out for examination!

This special stand can also be used with a business card, a photo or any brand of playing cards.

Each set is individually numbered and beautifully hand-crafted of genuine teak.

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Approx. Price: $175.00 (2011) ***

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