Alan Warner

Another great website, Andy! No matter where your interest in magic lies, magicians worldwide are assured of finding this new Martin’s Magic website a delight to browse through again and again. Its ease of navigation and wealth of information for magicians are staggering – second to none. Congratulations!

Paul Richards

Andy, the new site looks fantastic! Love the functionality and ease of navigation. I’ve always been amazed at how much effort and energy you put into a site that is essentially a “labor of love”. I know full time dealers that don’t make a fraction of the effort. Now you’ve taken it to the next level! The magic community is fortunate to have you and this resource. Keep up the exceptional work!

Howard Baltus

For more than a decade I’ve had an affinity to Martin’s Magic. First, I love the new look and feel of the newly designed site. It’s got a clean and upscale groove that makes you want to browse through the collection of goodies.

Reasons I dig this website are simple…
It’s a great information & research tool.
It’s motivating & exciting.
It’s nostalgic with so many cool props and pieces from the past.
And lastly, for self-indulgent reasons, it showcases many of the wondrous collectible props that I had manufactured under The Trickery!

Best of luck with the new design!

Larry Wilfong

Here it is the end of 2014 and we’re all still “magicing”. Andy, your site has been a regular stop for me almost daily for many years. You are to be commended for the contributions you make regularly to helping to maintain the knowledge of our contemporary Magic for those who come after us. Excellent work!

George Robinson Jr.

Andy; your documentation of the various manufacturers, their products past and present serves the magic Community in a big way. You have become an important resource for many of us. A big ‘thank you’ for chronicling our items as well as those of others along with the listing of inventors, dealers, etc. Bravo!

Review by Magic Vincent for Wenger Spirit Bell (with carry box) by Nick Wenger

Review by Magic Vincent for Wenger Spirit Bell (with carry box) by Nick Wenger
Review by Magic Vincent for Wenger Spirit Bell (with carry box) by Nick Wenger
5 out of 5

I have just taken delivery of my Wenger Spirit Bell and will perform it for a Children’s Halloween show next week. A few of the things I like about this bell is that the movement of the swing arm can be seen from a great distance. It is more visible then a Bell that just shakes a little. If people are hard of hearing they will see this clearly. It looks very old and authentic. It does not look like any bell I have ever seen. It has various parts which can be put together right in front of the audience. They can even be examined. It is angle proof and is light. It packs flat and plays big.

The showmanship and a great creative story is critical in getting the most out of this. Changing the storylines means you can perform this for young and old alike. Excellent. Highly recommended!

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