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Miser's Dream Box II and Wand by Louis Gaynor Ring in Shoe Lace by Bazar de Magia Ringmaster Coins (Silver Morgan) by Ted Bogusta Thanks to Pepys by Bob Read Your Personal Key by El Duco's Magic Industrial Revelation by Jamie Grant Hydro Die by Magiro Revolutionary Card Technique by Ed Marlo Chink-A-Chink by Eddy Taytelbaum Attaboy by Sam Dalal Mafia Manicure by Giovanni Livera Mafia Manicure (no base) by Giovanni Livera Instant T, Red by Les French Twins Micro Hip Hop Magician by Wolf's Magic Lemon Game, The by Doug Malloy Thomas Wayne Malone Wand by Thomas Wayne William Tell Card Frame by Louis Gaynor Card Magic of Edward Marlo, The by Ed Marlo