Review by Andy Martin for Wurfel Mysterium by Magiro

Review by Andy Martin for Wurfel Mysterium by Magiro
Review by Andy Martin for Wurfel Mysterium by Magiro
5 out of 5

The Real Original from Germany c. 1983 not Italy

So for five years I was under the impression that the original version of this effect was called The Cubes of Cagliostro from Italy and brought to the USA by the great Howard Schwarzman. Well if you study the instructions for this, Wurfel Mysterium by Magiro, and then look at the diagrams on the instructions that come with the Schwarzman version you will see they are identical. Clearly one of them was copied from the other. If you then look at the other instructions produced by Magiro they all have the same style.

After looking at Zauber-Brief #11  1983 and looking over the different sets of instructions it becomes pretty clear that inventor of this effect was in fact Magiro from Germany and it was copied without credit by the Italians.  I know it happens all the time but it would be nice at least to credit the inventor – particularly if you are going to reuse his instructions!

Either way, like so many of Magiro’s ideas this is an amazing, clever and simple effect. The Italian’s might have created a slightly higher-end version in wood, but the genius of the idea is pure Magiro.

This is one of those beauties you will not be disappointed with! Highly Recommended for collectors and close-up performers.

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