Vi$a Cabaret (Visa Cabaret) by Stephen Tucker

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Effect: If someone were watching you perform VI$A CABARET, they would later recall it something like this…

You handed someone a laminated prediction, for safe keeping. You then invited a man up. He removed three of your credit cards, from your wallet, and pocketed them (in three different pockets) whilst you looked away.

You turned around again, and asked if you could have his permission to use your X-ray vision to look through the material of his trousers and into his pockets. Once he agreed you added, “Good, now that we have two consenting adults… we can continue.”

You successfully revealed which credit card was in his first pocket then, as you struggled to reveal the contents of his next pocket you said… “In your right trouser pocket I can see……… a small pork sausage. Oh, sorry… you have a hole in your pocket.” You then continued to correctly reveal the card within that pocket!

The credit card in his final pocket was revealed by someone in the audience, who must also have had X-Ray vision???

Incredible as this might sound… you finally asked the person holding the laminated prediction to read it out. It 100% correctly predicted into which pocket the person helping you would hide each credit card!!!

Note: Once you have bought VI$A CABARET, and have decided on the three credit cards you will use, you can email or write to me and I’ll laminate (and send) you a printed prediction specific to your cards!

Don’t forget… you need not use credit cards… you could use folded bank notes (bills), playing cards, business cards (for trade show work) or ANY three flat objects. Use your imagination.

I have even used the routine for children… Each of three children (including the birthday child) remove a sealed envelope from your wallet and hold onto it. They open their envelopes and… the birthday child has won a BIG prize (supplied by the parents), whilst the other two have won consolation prizes (supplied by you).

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