Psychic Challenge by Stephen Tucker

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This was produced in a limited edition of just 50 units.

Effect: Psychic Challenge uses a self-contained leather wallet, and the presentation revolves around three psychic challenges that, with a little help from you, someone successfully completes. One of these challenges uses a different version of Stephen’s ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number).

Psychic Challenge One – (The Crystal Ball)
You open the wallet and remove five red backed Bicycle cards and a blue backer from one of the pockets. You then slip the blue backed card back into the pocket, as your prediction.

You hand the red backers to someone to shuffle, then deal into a face down circle on the table. By now you have removed a flat glass disc from the wallet and introduced it as a crystal ball – that was, unfortunately, sat on by an overweight psychic!

Tabling the glass disc by the cards, you ask someone to think of a number between 1 and 10 (or higher if they prefer). Using their number they now tap the cards with the disc until they land on one. You now show the faces of all the cards, including the blue backed one still in the wallet, and… they have landed on the only red backed card that matches your blue backed prediction and… successfully completed their first challenge!

Psychic Challenge Two – (ACAAN – Any Card At Any Number)
You remove a laminated white card from one of the pockets of the wallet, then close it. Resting the card on the wallet, you ask someone to name ANY playing card. You write it on the laminated card, using a dry-wipe marker pen (supplied). Let’s assume that they name the Four of Hearts.

You next, ask someone to name ANY number between 1 and 52. You write the number named on the white card. We’ll assume that they say,”12″.

You now offer each person one chance, and one chance only, to change their mind. You next remove the white card, and set it writing side up on the table – as a reminder. You flip the wallet open and table it, as you point to a jumbo sized laminated prediction card that lies within.

Before you show them the prediction card, you show that you were using a regular deck (supply your own). Having proved this, you table the deck face down.

Pointing again to the jumbo laminated prediction card still in the wallet, you ask if they’d be impressed if the Four of Hearts was on its face and the number 12 was on its back. They say that they would be, but aren’t – when you remove the card revealing that ALL the numbers from 1 to 52 are on the back and all 52 cards are on the face! Finally, you (or they) pick up the deck and deal down to the 12th card. It’s… the Four of Hearts!

Psychic Challenge Three – (The Stick Man)
You open the wallet, draw attention to a drawing of a stick man and have someone sign (or initial) it, with the dry-wipe marker, in the area shown in the illustration opposite.

You remove the stick man drawing, turn it drawing side down and set it onto the wallet. You now have a card selected, let’s assume it’s the the Ace of Diamonds.

They are next asked to concentrate on the tabled drawing, and try to psychically fuse the thought of their chosen card to the drawing. Finally, have them turn it over to find that the stick man is now holding the Ace of Diamonds. Their signature (or initials) are still on the drawing!

The ‘Psychic Challenge’ package consists of… full instructions, an ingeniously gimmicked black leather wallet, a jumbo sized laminated gag card, a flattened crystal ball, the six cards for the Crystal Ball effect, a dry-wipe marker pen etc.

In fact … everything required to perform the three psychic challenges apart from your own regular Bicycle deck.

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