Himbering Ways by Stephen Tucker

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Effect: Numerous routines call for the use of a Himber wallet but most performers prefer not to use the large style versions. After many customer requests Tony Curtis has produced this classic wallet, made from genuine high-grade leather, in a more discrete size. The Dimensions (closed) are a breast-pocket sized 5″ x 3″ (12.5cm x 7.5cm). 

Due to its size, you are able to easily open and close it using just one hand. This facet allows you to have something inserted then in transit, as you move towards anther person, secretly (yet openly) close and re-open it on the OTHER side. 

The wallet lays flat on the table and opens very smoothly. The small window compartment inside is also perfect for the visual switching of playing cards, band notes, etc.  Includes six easy-to-perform routines.  Each effect is explained thoroughly detailing materials required, Set Up, and Performance. 

Effects Include:

  • The Card That Never Was
  • Add-a-Number
  • Uneasy Money
  • The Printing Press
  • Examinable B’Wave
  • Prints Of Darkness

Tony Curtis Magic is pleased to have exclusively supplied the leather wallet used in these effects in association with Stephen Tucker.

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Approx. Price: $45.00 (2009) ***

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