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O’Connell Plus Wallet + The Unit by Jerry O’Connell

Another great wallet item from Jerry O’Connell.

Approx. Price: $219.00 (12/2005) ***

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1 review for O’Connell Plus Wallet + The Unit by Jerry O’Connell

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andy Martin

    Beautiful, Clever, and Simple – Jerry you’re a marvel!

    Ok, I was hoping I wasn’t going to have to say this ever again, but this new wallet that I just received from that Crazy, British, Leather Craftsman, Jerry "Lock up your Daughters" O’Connell is my new favorite! Of course like all magicians I got hung up on the pocket on one side of the wallet, but once you hold this baby and read the routine Jerry has for Shaxon’s incredible Confabulation effect, you don’t give it another thought – just like every single person who sees you perform. They don’t care about the pocket and neither should you.

    What has become very clear to me after chatting with Jerry a bit and reading some of his routines is that this is a funny man, who is very serious about making props that work for real performing magicians. When you take the O’Connell Plus Wallet and add the new marvel Jerry calls "The Unit", you have an incredibly clean, easy, and oh so fooling method for doing Confabulation like effects – where 3 totally different items, colors, dates etc are chosen with zero force. (BTW, Jerry does not include the actual Confabulation routine since that is not his and it is assumed you are familiar with it, just in case you were worried!)

    Jerry really thinks through his routines and then makes props that work perfectly. Reset is a snap too. He has streamlined it as far as anyone can take it. Anymore simplifying, and it won’t actually require a magician!

    Although, next Christmas is not here yet, I already have my closing effect that will blow them all away.

    Of course this wallet, without the addition of the Unit, is still the ultimate wallet with the Card To Wallet, Card to Sealed Envelope, and No Palm Card to Wallet features all built into the same beautiful wallet.

    Jerry is Number One when it comes to wallets. Period.

    Most highly recommmended!

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