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Double Packet Trick Holder – Original by Jerry O’Connell

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The Jerry O’Connell originals are always the best if you can find them.

Effect: This holder is made to hold a two poker size packet trick. It’s flat and is easy to handle and it looks good too. The packet tricks are easy to remove and just as easy to replace. This is the ideal simple design to keep packet tricks neat and tidy until you’re ready to perform the effects. Made from genuine leather.

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1 review for Double Packet Trick Holder – Original by Jerry O’Connell

  1. Andy Martin

    0ne Packet, Two Packets, Six Packets … Jerry has them all!

    I love Jerry’s leather work, absolutely love it! I also have a fondness for the odd packet trick and storing them is sometimes a challenge. This particular Double packet Trick Holder is perfect for those times when you have two packet tricks that you do one after the other.

    It works the way it should, and of course it does – it is an O’Connell!

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