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Card In Sealed Envelope in Wallet by Bob Swadling

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Effect: Based off Roy Roth’s Ultimate Wallet, Swadling Magic’s Card in Sealed Envelope in Wallet is a wonderful update to a classic trick. The wallet is made in high quality leather and showcases a more authentic look than the original. Effect

Have a card selected, signed and replaced into the deck. The have another spectator selected another card to signed and replace into the deck. The magician removes his wallet. Removes a card out of the wallet and places the card ontop of the deck. Turns over the top card and shows the signed card. Shuffles the deck and shows his hands empty. Opens the wallet again. Removes the sealed envelope and hand it to the spectator to open. To their amazement, when the envelope is opened, they find the other signed card inside!

Dimension Approximately 4 1/2″ x 7 1/4″ (11.43cm x 18.415cm)

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1 review for Card In Sealed Envelope in Wallet by Bob Swadling

  1. Craig P

    From Roy Roth and Bob Swaddling, I was expecting something more clever. You can’t show both sides of the wallet and although the wallet is quite large, the card ends up in a coin envelope. Not an improvement on the LePaul type IMO.

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