Blasted by Bob Swadling

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Blasted was by created by Bob Swadling and sold by Harry Stanley c. 1964. And it quickly became and hit around the world! Originally it was called The Swadling Swindle but it’s name changed to Blasted when it was marketed in the USA.

Effect: A small (unfaked) tray – A Wine Glass – One Silver and One Copper Coin are used to bring about this FULLY VISIBLE CLOSE-UP MIRACLE. Either of the two coins is selected, and one is placed on the tray. The glass is inverted and placed over the coin thus isolating it . . . There is no “funny business” – the coin is clearly VISIBLE UNDERNEATH THE GLASS – The other coin is now placed on the foot (bottom) glass and then – quicker than you can say “BLASTED” BOTH SILVER AND COPPER COINS ARE NOW ON THE TRAY UNDER THE GLASS. Glass removed and both coins taken in left hand – Right hand is empty – Spectator again names either coin – Hands closed for a second – Hands open and you have a COIN IN EACH HAND. We supply all you require made by a master mechanic.

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