Al Koran In Performance CD by Martin Breese

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Effect: The first section consists of Goodliffe (the founder of Abracadabra) recounting his many meetings with Al. You will then hear Al Koran performing many of his now classic routines in front of enthusiastic audiences. Even though 1 produced and released this audio recording about twenty years or so ago I am still put into a state of absolute wonder as I hear the amazing and talented Al Koran baffling and entertaining with his own brand of magic. I really wish I could have seen Al Koran myself. This CD recording is a digital transcript of the original Magicassette recording from the 1980’s.

Al Koran was born in 1914 and died in the USA at the age of 58 on June 12th, 1972. His book Mastered Amazement (republished by Martin Breese) not only featured Al’s mentalism but also demonstrated his command of many styles of magic. Al Koran contributed several magical effects to Pentagram Magazine and others were marketed by Harry Stanley’s Unique Magic Studio in London. Many of the effects you will hear on this recording were the very effects that you could have purchased over the counter at the Unique Magic Studio.

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