Al Koran’s Legacy (2009) by Hugh Miller

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Details: This new edition adds contributions from Lewis Ganson and Graham Jolley. However, while this revised edition is expanded and updated, it does remove two effects found in the older editions.  Missing are “Mind Shot”, which used a Polaroid camera and a double exposure capability that is no longer available today, and “The Pill”, a sponge ball routine around the theme of birth control that some considered a bit controversial. 


9 Publisher’s Forward
11 Introduction (Hugh Miller)

17 Part 1 Club and Cabaret Routines
17 Five Star Prediction: card in envelope matches spectator’s selection
23 Twenty Card Memory: magician instantly pulls each of 20 selections as called by the spectators
31 The Gold Medallion: three numbers selected by three spectators appear on a medallion in a box
38 Headline Countdown The Original Version: a newspaper headline prediction
47 Al Koran’s Headline Countdown Described by Graham Jolley
55 The Astral World: a book test
60 Million Dollar Prediction: long term publicity prediction
66 Insight Spectacular: a Lottery (or other) number prediction
73 Cassette Recorder Miracle: one of five cards predicted by a cassette tape recording, could probably be adapted to MP3 player or other modern system
79 Linking of Three Borrowed Rings
89 The Coin in Bottle

95 Part 2 Close-Up Magic After Hours
95 Where Did She Go?: a find the lady card trick
99 Pronto Card to Wallet: a clever double card to wallet
106 Bare-Hand Coin Vanish: needs a table
110 Stack Vanish: clever addition for the cap & pence
114 The Wife’s Favorite: a four card revelation
118 Automatic Poker: poker demo with Royal Flushes
121 Coloured Matches: pairs of red & white matches vanish and are replaced by yellow and green
126 I’ll Find It: clever mind reading card trick
129 Coin, Ring and Handkerchief
133 Eye of the Beholder: magician matches the number of cards chosen by spectator

139 Part 3 Gadget, Gimmicks and Presentation
139 Force Pack: an alternative to rough & smooth
140 Swami Holder: a quick and sure way to retrieve your gimmick
141 Scored Deck: quick side marking
142 Daubed Spectator: identifying a spectator when blindfolded
143 Grab Force: spectator grabs a card from a special frame, and it is forced
144 The Index: idea for a special playing card, and a note on Koran’s card index

147 Part Four: Bonus Material Described by Lewis Ganson
147 Simplex Torn and Restored Newspaper
163 A Dollar for Your Card
173 Hanky Panky Routine
195 Perfection – Do As I Do
200 Koran’s Solo Aces
208 Miracle Blindfold Card Act

223 Part Five: Presentation of Al Koran’s Magic
223 Handling Props
226 Handling Spectators
229 Dress
230 The Finale

  • Publisher: Martin Breese
  • Pages: 230
  • Location: Brighton, England
  • Edited by: Jackie Stevens
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 2009
  • Binding: hardbound

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