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Eye of Odin 1.0 by MeTal WriTing

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Effect: Hjalmar Stolpe was an archaeologist who excavated the Viking city of Birka. During these excavations, he came across a mysterious medallion – The Eye of Odin. This medallion was said to have the ability to predict the future.

The mentalist or magician introduces a small box containing a mysterious medallion. He then shows five different runes. One of the runes are connected to Odin a Norse God that, with his wisdom, are said to come with advice to the one that seeks it. Without knowing which, five spectator selects one rune each. The performer opens the box and reveals a medallion. On the back of the medallion, is the following message engraved in the metal “Tonight I will listen to…” Followed with the name of the spectator that selected the rune of Odin.

The Eye of Odin stands next to the Linking Finger Rings as one of the strongest effects in magic. It starts where the Gold Medallion and Room service left off.
-Jonathan Pendragon

(Notice: I have added a beautiful custom made box to carry all extra parts and gimmicks that come with this effect, instead of carrying them around in a cardboard box. This comes with one extra refill and everything you need to perform this right away. The original cost of this was $650. This is the 1.0 version but most of the reviews, from people like Johnathan Pendragon were also based on this version. I don’t know what the differences is, but this is the original 1.0 version.)

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Includes: DVD (or similar) Instructions.

Approx. Price: $399.95 (2015) ***

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