Wishbox by Trickery

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Show a small wooden cube completely empty through its windows. Cover it with a foulard. Whisk the foulard away and a rose has magically appeared in the box. A silk scarf can be produced along with anything that can fit inside. If you wish, the box may be handed out afterwards. The principle is an old one, but works brilliantly with this piece. Look at the photo. It was taken from about 2 feet away. The deception is perfect. While it will not hold a bunny or dove, it will hold a mouse or finch.

About the Wishbox:
The box is constructed from Pine wood and stained to a golden almond color. It contains 4 windows cut from a lightweight plastic. The gaff is removable allowing the box to be free from trickery after the production is made. A small Lazy Susan is built into the base permitting you to spin or rotate the box after your production. The hardware used for the lid’s knob adds a touch of old world charm.

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