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Remote Controlled Card Fountain (Poker) by Hey Presto

Another great utility item from Hey Presto.

(Notice: this description is due to be updated – please see here for more details.)

Approx. Price: $590.00 (2008) ***

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1 review for Remote Controlled Card Fountain (Poker) by Hey Presto

  1. Andy Martin

    Finally, Another Marcelo Contento!

    So everyone knows that the Marcelo Contento Card Fountain is the Gold Standard when it comes to card fountains. Sadly, the regular size ones have not been available for a number of years.

    The good news is that this new one from Hey Presto in Australia is as good as the Contento one. Yes I believe it really is as good. In fact, the remote mechanism is actually better than the Contento one as it is integrated into the actual unit – with the Contento one it was an add on.

    So now you know where to go to get a really high quality Card Fountain. Of course is you are looking for a Jumbo size there is still only one option: the Marcelo Contento one!

    Highly Recommended!

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