Ultimate Card Dagger by Magic Wagon

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This is Magic Wagon’s take on Ed Massey’s CarDagger c. 1946 and a very nice version it is too!

Effect: Based on an original idea from Mr. Edward Massey’s Cardagger, Magic Wagon is pleased to bring you the “Ultimate Card Dagger”.

A card is selected from a deck, remembered and returned. The deck is shuffled. The performer brings out an attractive wooden dagger and announces that he will spring all of the cards into the air and stab the selected card out of the cascading cards. This happens as described and at the end, the selected card is seen impaled on the blade of the dagger.

Please note that this is a very cool and clever mechanical piece and not to be confused with a normal Card Sword. With this version, the card is really impaled on the blade.

So, what makes this different from the original Massey’s Cardagger? (1) The mechanics on this marvelous prop have been brilliantly redesigned and (2) the dagger itself now has the decorative hilt. It is both esthetically beautiful and mechanically remarkable!

The dagger is approximately 13.5 inches in length and is completely hand-crafted from genuine teak.

Special thanks to Mr. Rhett Bryson for suggesting the ideas & consultations.

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Approx. Price: $245.00 (2016) ***

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