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A. Atsma’s Chicken Sword by Wolf’s Magic

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Effect: Arthur Atsma’s Signature effect!! A Fun Filled, Laugh Packed Routine featuring the Revolutionary CARD ERUPTION FOUNTAIN!  Magician offers to perform the most artistic of all magic tricks. Years of hours of practice for this, the pinnacle of the art … “The Amazing Chicken Bucket and Deck of Cards Routine!”

Many laughs follow as “Gus the stunt chicken” is removed from an all so familiar looking bucket of fried chicken. A series of HILARIOUS stunts with the rubber chicken follow, ending with his DEMISE. “Oh well”, on with the trick.

The audience as a group select a card, which is lost in the deck and then “artistically” dropped into the chicken bucket. Holding the bucket, the magician claims that he will cause the card to magically and beautifully float out of the bucket and he will catch it on the tip of his magic wand. Unable to locate an appropriate wand “Gus” is picked up, “guess this will have to do.”, and waved over the bucket. Nothing happens so the magician puts down “Gus” and looks into the bucket.

“POOF” a cloud of feathers flies out of the bucket into the magician’s face and into the air. Startled, the magician picks up “Gus” and tries again….this time a few cards spin singly out of the bucket high into the air, then the most amazing spectacle of cards flying spinning, shooting up to TEN FEET into the air fill the entire stage space.

The audience does scream, “Gus” is thrust into the storm of cards, and to the delight of all, their card is caught in his beak!

This is entertainment at it’s finest. Yes, it is a rubber chicken card sword, but Oh so much more! This routine has been a staple in my show for the past several years, and never fails to entertain every audience I have used it in. This plays in the largest hall or the smallest living room. From the most sophisticated CEO to the youngest child at the party. You will love practicing this, your audience will love you for performing it.” -Arthur Atsma

The Wolf’s Magic CARD ERUPTION FOUNTAIN will BLOW YOUR MIND as it is the FIRST Card Fountain to BLAST the cards over TEN FEET in ALL DIRECTIONS! We can assure you this effect is built SOLID and will please the working pro or weekend warrior! 

You receive: One Un-gimmicked Latex Rubber Chicken. One Gimmicked Latex Rubber Chicken Card Sword. The Revolutionary NEW CARD ERUPTION Fountain (C) 2003 Wolf’s Magic and the Feather Launcher gimmick all built into a Custom unbreakable plastic Chicken Bucket with Custom Vinyl Graphics. Instructional Video Tape showing you Arthur’s INCREDIBLY FUNNY routine from START to FINISH as well as a step by step segment on set-up and performance tips.

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Approx. Price: $450.00 (2004) ***

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1 review for A. Atsma’s Chicken Sword by Wolf’s Magic

  1. Andy Martin

    The Wolf is Back!

    One of the biggest problems with "expensive" magic props is they are frequently delicate, complicated to set-up, more suited to shelves than performances, work inconsistently, and sometimes just don’t work at all. This is great if you just want to have nice things on the shelves, but if you plan on performing them … forget it!

    click here to buy this wonderful creation.

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