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Triple Coin Boxes by Mel Babcock

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This effect was called Buried Treasure and invented and originally built by the ever creative genius Ed Massey c. 1957 and later built by Arturo (Glenn Babbs) c. 1964 and marketed by U.F. Grant and Abbott’s.

Mel Babcock makes beautiful wooden magic and the use of exotic woods just add that additional touch to these boxes. Mel used Paduk on the largest box, followed by Rosewood in the middle box, and finally Canary Wood in the smallest box. Simple method but so well put together that it’s a pleasure to perform.

Effect: A coin is borrowed from a spectator and he marks it for later identification. The coin is vanished. Attention is then directed to a box which has been in full view. It is opened and another box removed. This second box is handed to the spectator along with a key to unlock the box. Once opened, the box is found to be full of beans with the end of a ribbon sticking out. The spectator is asked to carefully pull the ribbon out of the box of beans. On the other end of the ribbon is a small box wrapped with rubber bands. This is opened and the spectator finds his marked coin.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

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1 review for Triple Coin Boxes by Mel Babcock

  1. Bill Winters

    Triple Coin Box

    I first saw this trick on a shelf at the New England Mini Museum of Magic. After returning home, I immediately contacted Mel Babcock to see if it was still available. I now own a simply wonderful piece of magic. It is very simple to work while at the same time, blows your audience away. Get one, you will not be disappointed. The wood work, like all of Mel’s effects, is fantastic.

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