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Surprise Box and Surprise Box Extra by Supreme Magic Company

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Effect: SURPRISE BOX. Rabbit or bird fanciers will find this super production Idea both novel and DIFFERENT. Can be used in any type show, but is specially suited to children’s entertainers because there’s a lot of business in the routining you can Introduce which even makes the effect easier to work.

From a flat ‘book’, brightly painted and strongly made In hardboard, a large gift-wrapped box appears. THAT’S CLEVER. The MIRACLE comes when the box is eventually opened to reveal silks, ribbons, flowers, a live rabbit or doves. ‘Edwin’s publicity blurb says ‘No hanging bags, no body loads’ . HE’S RIGHT TOO! The props supplied are strongly made. look attractive and the overall effect Is TREMENDOUS.

But that’s not a ll. For even better effect, more comedy and easier working, Edwin added the Idea of SURPRISE BOX EXTRA. For this you get a box In which to place the gift box Just produced. This box Is responsible for your later production and adds enormously to the comedy angle, This prop Is entirely made In wood, SUPERBLY FINISHED AND DECORATED. For those looking for something different in production Ideas, this must be It. Just one word of warning. 11 does not pack flat! You get top quality, three-dimensional props for your money.

EXCELLENT. Everyone is buying these two items at the same time because together they constitute WONDERFUL VALUE and of course you don’t have to use livestock if you do not wish too. Not only do you produce from the box but you produce the box as well!

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Approx. Price: $125.00 (2000) ***

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